Paint and Inks is one of the largest UK based manufacturing industries. We lead the world in Innovation and production techniques. Whether it is to protect, decorate or inform through print.

So, at Rakem our product portfolio has been specifically chosen to create the perfect mix between our customer’s needs and their end applications.

Rakem have a range of pigments, extenders and additives to meet most formulators requirements. By creating partnerships with our customers, our technical sales team can advise and recommend products to help coating and ink companies achieve the desired effect. Our principals are constantly developing new products to improve the properties desired in a dynamic industry. If you have a challenge for us; we can recommend the solution.

Please see below for a comprehensive list of products:

Rakem in coatings…
Emulsion Polymers
Kaolin (Hydrous/Calcined)
Blanc Fixe

Application examples:
Decorative and industrial coating, floor coverings, printing, marine and maintenance, anticorrosion systems.

Recommended Grades for the Perfect Mix.


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Duraflex 84C

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Opac Extra

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